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Lead X Equity

Shifting from equity as an intellectual exercise shifting to a practice of excellence.

Equity Competent Leaders

 Our competency framework develops personal, interpersonal, and systematic awareness and sensitivities. We cultivate an understanding of bodies of cultural knowledge and develop mastery of skill sets that, taken together, enable effective, equitable practices that produce responsive engagement across lines of difference.  We believe that true equity competence cannot be obtained until practitioners and providers gain an in-depth understanding of their current cultural and socioeconomic status and apply it beyond understanding to see how it manifests in relationships and communities. This model implores community mapping and analysis in tandem with the power dynamics. Aspiring equity leaders engage via hands-on interaction, exploration of research-based practices, and application of techniques and skills around equity leader competencies to sustain continued implementation strategies and support. 

“Our values orient us, drive us and anchor us. We experience integrity when we act in alignment with them”  
– Elena Aguilar, Onward  

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Driven by the Science of Teaching & Adult Learning

Our approach equips leaders with the tools to better serve historically marginalized communities by centering an understanding of sociopolitical systems. In the Lead X Equity model, leaders leverage a community-centric grassroots approach to developing antiracist, decolonized and equity centric competencies through relationship-building strategic programming including: 

  • Equity-Centered Leadership Series

  • Train the Trainer Seminars

  • Conferences 

  • Curriculum and Training Development

“No type of pedagogy, however effective, can single-handedly remove the barriers of racism, discrimination, homophobia, segregation, Islamophobia, homelessness, access to college, and concentrated poverty, but antiracist pedagogy combined with grassroots organizing can prepare (stakeholders) to demand the impossible in the fight for eradicating these persistent and structural barriers… Pedagogy, regardless of its name, is useless without (practitioners) dedicated to challenging systemic oppression with intersectional social justice.”  
– Bettina L. Love: We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom  


Meet our Chief Executive and Equity Officer, Mariama Kurbally M.ED

Explore Our Learning Series

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