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E2 EmpowerED provides community and professional development services including but not limited to coaching, leadership development, design consultation, and facilitation of strategic planning meetings, workshops, moderation, speaking engagements, seminars, and conferences. We develop and share innovative and equity-centered redesign strategies to eliminate opportunity gaps for historically marginalized people. Our work aims to empower providers who work in historically underserved communities through an equity-centric model by equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to work with and redesign for institutional equity centering racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse populations. Through E2 EmpowerED's community and social development services, we provide services that serve as a catalyst for community and institutional change management and promote critical consciousness centering equity to cultivate and facilitate long-term systemic achievement and success with proper engagement of community stakeholders. E2 EmpowerED's services are differentiated for novice to experienced professionals and serve as a catalyst for change that cultivates and facilitates long-term systematic achievement and success through engagements that center on equity-centric practices.  

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