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Dr. Antoinette Pearson


she/ her | Westland, MI: Ancestral lands of Peoria & Mississauga People

Dr. Antoinette Pearson is a 26-year veteran educator who spent 21 years in Detroit schools as a teacher and administrator. As a native Detroiter and a product of the public system in Detroit, she has an unwavering commitment to serve young people. Dr. Pearson is a nationally renowned advocate for children of color and skilled disruptor and coach in supporting leaders to dispel current policies and practices that do not promote equitable learning environments for all students.

Currently, she is an author, educational consultant, and part time lecturer for Eastern Michigan University, preparing future leaders in educational administration in K-12. She has been an educational consultant for over six years, specializing in equity centric school reviews, school leadership coaching, equity coaching, and facilitating professional learning for central office, school leaders and teachers through state educational departments in New York, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan and Massachusetts. Her facilitation of learning has occurred in national conferences across the country, virtually and in person has focused on restorative practices, equity coaching, standards and equitable planning.

Dr. Antoinette Pearson
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