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Jinna Hagerty


she/ her | Seattle, WA: Ancestral lands of the Duwamish People

Jinna Hagerty brings almost 20 years of design experience to her consulting work in the areas of strategy, facilitation, and visual graphics. She brings along her experience growing up as a Korean-American adoptee and her training in design and design research as she works to support equitable outcomes for all members of society. She has consulted in the areas of education and healthcare. Recent projects include working to bring clarity and alignment to a youth mentorship program, guiding caregivers as they led the vision for improving family experiences as students make transitions in school, supporting patients as they share insights for improving their rural healthcare experiences, creating training materials to support equity-centered practices in designing educational products. Jinna has designed for various institutions and organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Institute for Science, Hampton Inn, Urban Land Institute, DemocracyLab, Foster America, Public Citizen, YouthCare, The Prosperity Agenda along with many others. She is also a champion for community and connection serving as an organizer for mentorship and volunteer initiatives, healing and support spaces, and leadership development. Jinna’s passion is for designing heart-centered, equity-focused experiences.

Jinna Hagerty
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