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Keshia Talking Waters De Freece Lawrence, M.A


she/ they | Pomfret, CT: Ancestral Lands of the Nipmuc, Mohegan People

Keshia Talking Waters De Freece Lawrence, holds a B.A and M.A in International Law and Conflict Negotiations from the American University of Rome and the United Nations mandated University for Peace. De Freece is a Ramapough Munsee storyteller and culture bearer. She grew up in Rhode Island, and deeply connected with the neighboring First Nations tribal groups of the Eastern Woodlands. Keshia’s academic and professional work began with refugee and immigration support in Italy at Casa Scalabrini during the height of the Syrian conflict. De Freece later returned to Rhode Island to work in outdoor education and Indigenous curricula development, since she has been a Citizen Science research assistant in the Sub Arctic of Canada; support other Indigenous communities to engage in climate related science, and received the Global Bio Summit 2023, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard Science Activist award and is currently nominated for the 2024, Harvard LOEB Fellowship. De Freece is the Founder and Co-Director of Indigenous Think Tank, Sovereign Science, a place-based Indigenous hub dedicated to fostering Indigenous STEAM and sacred research.

Keshia Talking Waters De Freece Lawrence, M.A
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