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Our Why

E2EmpowerED is forged from a call to courage by experienced professionals looking for a shift from mission and value alignment to antiracism, equity-centric, accessible, and inclusive practices that shift towards cultivating sustainable individual, team, and organizational infrastructures that center historically oppressed communities. E2 EmpowerED is an equity firm specializing in the systematic redesign, coaching, and leadership training for clients through job-embedded support at all levels of organizational cultures in education, design, human services, and corporate sectors. Our work aims to empower providers who work in service of historically marginalized and underinvested communities through evidence-based equity-centric models that center on the experiences of racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse communities. 

The problem E2 EmpowerED is solving is the strategic implementation of institutional equity infrastructures for design and education leaders in predominantly white institutions (PWIs). 

Our Approach

At E2EmpowerED, we believe holistic and sustainable systemic change must be grounded in pedagogy that is centered on shifting practices grounded in the specific needs of "othered" communities who reside outside the dominant sociopolitical identities (race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, etc). We are on a mission to help committed organizations, teams and individuals understand and respond to the realities of bias, discrimination, and power imbalance in conjunction with the role of multiple oppression reinforcement. We explore how the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, poverty, discrimination, and culture interplay in providing equity. Our work frames both the historical and current systems that contribute to inequitable achievement outcomes. We look at the work individually and collectively and our approach centers on systematic change around intersectional justice that can support the mitigation and reversal of inequity through design.


In this all service models our clients:

  • develop concrete techniques to ensure system mission alignment  

  • examine microaggressions and power dynamics and how to interrupt them systematically in order to sustain transformational change

  • elevate equity-driven evidence-based practices and engagement 

  • deepen knowledge and skill in developing  and implementing equitable cultures  

  • explore the synergy between behavior and culture and their importance in establishing and maintaining a strong equity-driven culture 

  • explicitly name the core actions aligned to the values that compel employees to act towards equity metrics  

Core Values

PURPOSE: We believe in clear evidence-based development rooted in practices that relentlessly cultivate community empowerment by centering strong cultures to sustain meaningful change.  

TRANSFORMATION: We believe systematic change can be achieved and sustained through acknowledging and interrupting systemic oppression.

INTEGRITY: We believe in honesty and acting in alignment with our values.  

COURAGE: We believe the core of authenticity is courage and are committed to cultivating authenticity and brave spaces in all engagements.  


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